Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

Arianna Casoli, EuroNASCAR’s most successful female driver, will be contesting her eighth season in EuroNASCAR 2 with SpeedHouse Racing’s No. 14 Ford Mustang.

Arianna Casoli, the most successful female driver in EuroNASCAR’s history, is back for her eighth season in the series after she announced her return to SpeedHouse Racing on 25 April 2023.

Casoli signed a contract extension that will see her remain in the seat of SpeedHouse’s No. 14 Ford Mustang. Casoli will continue to contest the Lady Trophy and Legend Trophy sub-classifications, of which she is a three-time winner and one-time winner of the respective trophies.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

She is also the most experienced driver in EuroNASCAR’s junior division with 79 starts to her name, 11 more than both Martin Doubek and teammate Eric Quintal. Despite her experience, Casoli is eager to make herself more competitive in the upcoming 2023 season.

“I want to improve my driving and lap times race by race like last year and also have nice battles with my competitors on the track,” said Casoli in her official release.

“Of course I want to maximize the results and bring home as many trophies as possible. I love the pure racing style of EuroNASCAR and the respect on the track. To be a part of these unique events at some of the best tracks in Europe is just amazing.”

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

An amusement park scenery architect and graphic designer in her life off-track, Casoli is a colorful, popular and professional figure within the EuroNASCAR paddock. She is open for interactions with fans, the media, and her fellow competitors and is always present with a smile on her face.

Despite starting her career very late, racing continues to be an important part of Casoli’s lifestyle. The importance of racing in Casoli’s life certainly fits SpeedHouse’s goals of providing ‘good times’ for their drivers, as team owner Lucas Lasserre can attest from her performance in the No. 14 car last year. 

Credits: GecoDesign by Arianna Casoli / SpeedHouse

“I am very happy to have Arianna back this year at Speedhouse Racing,” said Lasserre in Casoli’s official release. “We improved a lot last year: she gained between two and four seconds per lap with our processes and we are very proud of that.” 

“It’s very important to have an individual like Arianna on the team, she brings a lot to our values of the organization and she’s a real professional.”

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