Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

Eric Quintal and Florian Richard will be contesting the 2023 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season with SpeedHouse in the EuroNASCAR 2 and EuroNASCAR Club Challenge divisions respectively.

French drivers Eric Quintal and Florian Richard will be contesting the 2023 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season as part of the SpeedHouse Racing team, as announced by the team on 15 April 2023.

Quintal and Richard became the fourth and fifth drivers to be confirmed as drivers for Lucas Lasserre’s team in 2023. Néo Lambert had confirmed his participation plans in the 2022 season finale at Rijeka before the team announced the signing of Matthias Hauer and Alain Mosqueron earlier this month.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / A. Clement

Quintal is a true veteran in the EuroNASCAR 2 championship. A long-time friend of Lasserre, Quintal had been active in the series since the first season back in 2009 and was one of EuroNASCAR 2’s three inaugural podium finishers in the NASCAR era when he finished second in the 2012 season’s opening race at Nogaro.

The 68 starts that Quintal had made in the NASCAR era of EuroNASCAR is second only to Arianna Casoli and he is the only EuroNASCAR 2 driver from the 2012 season that still competes in the series to this day.

Now set for his ninth season of racing in EuroNASCAR and his sixth season in a row since he made his return in 2018, Quintal will be continuing his participation in EuroNASCAR’s junior division as part of SpeedHouse.

It is to note that the team had quietly rebranded their name from “SpeedHouse” to “SpeedHouse Racing” this off-season.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese

“My goal is to fight for podium finishes in the Legend Trophy and I’m confident that the team will do its best to maximize the results,” said Quintal to 

“I’m really looking forward to being back in the series with Speedhouse and Lucas. I know it’s going to be another great season and we’re going to have some good times. Speedhouse provides a professional service to drivers that is strong and efficient. I’m looking forward to racing again in Valencia.”

New to SpeedHouse in 2023 is Florian Richard, who is set to become SpeedHouse’s newest signing in the regularity-based Club Challenge division.

Credits: SpeedHouse Racing

SpeedHouse has a proven track record in Club Challenge, with Paul Jouffreau and Lambert becoming top contenders in the division before they moved up to the main two classes in the following season. 

Richard hopes that he will be able to do the same under the guidance of Lasserre, who stepped down from full-time driving duties in 2022 to focus on team ownership.

“It’s going to be a new world for me, but I’m very eager to leave my mark in this European Championship,” said Richard to “I have done road rallies over the years, so I have experience in tarmac racing.” 

“For me, it’s all about the progress we will make together as a team. This year will be a learning process and a transition season for me. I thank my coach Lucas Lasserre and I trust his plans and the team’s training plan to take one step at a time. I have signed a two-year contract with SpeedHouse.”

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