One of the wallpaper pictures that the Euro Series unveiled that revealed the All-Star Time Attack location

Yesterday, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series released six desktop wallpaper pictures that features highlights of last month’s Valencia NASCAR Fest. Within the wallpaper pictures, it is shown that the city of Chinon, France is listed as the site of this year’s All-Star Time Attack event, thus giving the fans the first confirmation about the details of the mostly-undisclosed All-Star event.

When the 2019 season calendar was released on 2 November 2018, it is known that NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is planning to hold the non-championship All-Star Time Attack event on 22-23 June, the first All-Star event in Euro Series’ history. However, there were no confirmation on the exact venue and format details, apart from the fact that it’s going to be held on a street circuit in France. Today, one of the pieces of the puzzle has been revealed thanks to the confirmation that the town of Chinon is going to be the site of this year’s All-Star event.

The town of Chinon is located by the banks of the Vienne river – around 10 kilometers before it joins the Loire valley – in the Centre – Val de Loire region of France and is a town that is rich with both history and culture, especially in the medieval era. The famous Chateau de Chinon is located here, and in the late 1100s the Chateau earned recognition as the primary residence site for Henry II of England. It would also play a very important role in the Hundred Years War, as the then-future Charles VII of France sought refuge to Chinon in 1425 and Joan of Arc would met Charles VII at Chinon in 1429 for the fateful meeting that would mark the beginning of the turning point of the war.

The historic town of Chinon was registered as a preservation area by the French government in 1968 and has been undergoing continuous restoration work to preserve its historic and architectural identity. And later this June, the town of Chinon will make history once more as it’ll become the site of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series’ first-ever All-Star event.

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

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