Hendriks Motorsport's squad for the 2019 season.

Earlier today, Hendriks Motorsport announced on their Facebook page that the team will take part in Against Cancer’s Circuit Day (Circuitdag) charity event that is scheduled to be held at the famed TT Circuit Assen on August 7. Hendriks, who currently leads the Teams Championship with the #50 team and the Elite 2 Drivers Championship with Giorgio Maggi, announced that they will bring some of the cars to Assen for the Circuit Day event, with more news to be confirmed at a later day.

Against Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Amersfoort, Netherlands that dedicates themselves to take upon the fight against cancer by taking families who had a children that is affected by cancer into various motorsport-related activities held by Against Cancer. Its connection with the world of motorsport was established because the founder of Against Cancer had a colleague who died due to cancer, and both were passionate racing fans. To honor the loss of his colleague, Against Cancer was then founded by linking their racing hobby to the cancer disease.

Against Cancer’s annual Circuit Day event was first established in 2005. It was a huge success with 60 cancer-affected families taking part in the inaugural Circuit Day event, and the number of families that have taken part in the Circuit Day event has been increasing from year to year. Many Dutch celebrities have taken part in Against Cancer’s Circuit Day events, including Prince Bernhard and Prince Pieter-Christian of the Royal Dutch Family, former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, and racing veteran – and Twitter annoyance – Tim Coronel. Against Cancer’s current ambassadors include ADAC GT Masters driver Indy Dontje and World Supersport rider – and son of Dutch MotoGP legend Wil – Rob Hartog.

In addition to the Circuit Day event, Against Cancer also held many events throughout the year, such as the Winter eXperience and Kartevent held at Nijmegen, two Family Trip events to the German town of Gladbeck, and 4 VIP Day events that is held in collaboration with famed names such as Eredivise team PEC Zwolle for this year’s first VIP Day event at March 9-10 and the FIM Superbike World Championship for this year’s second VIP Day event held in conjunction with the Assen SBK round at April 13-14 .

The registration for this year’s Circuit Day event is currently open both for the families that have a child that is currently being affected by cancer and for racing drivers/teams that want to give families and their children an unforgettable day during the Circuit Day, with the registrations for volunteers going to be opened soon. Those who want to make a donation to Against Cancer can send their donations via the link here.

For more information about Against Cancer, you can visit Against Cancer’s website at https://againstcancer.nl/.

Photo courtesy of Hendriks Motorsport’s Facebook page.

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