NASCAR Whelen Euro Series have announced that the Drivers Recruitment Program’s December test day has been postponed to 3 February 2023 due to the cold weather wave that has struck France this month.

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has announced yesterday that they will postpone the Drivers Recruitment Program’s scheduled December test day to 3 February 2023 due to the cold weather wave that is affecting France currently.

“The December 16 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Drivers Recruitment Program test day has been postponed due to a cold weather wave in France and has been rescheduled for February 3rd, 2023,” said the series on its official release. “The new date for the Drivers Recruitment Day will allow drivers from all over the world to properly enjoy the Pure Racing experience and have a chance to enter the 2023 NWES season.”

The cold weather wave, which has struck France since early December according to reports from Reuters, has been causing a number of problems for the country in recent weeks. Chief among which was the struggle to meet the electricity demand, a problem that was caused by several nuclear reactors undergoing maintenance due to corrosion on its pipeline system.

Drivers Recruitment Program (DRP) is a program that gives drivers from around the world a chance to experience the EuroNASCAR cars in the series’ test track at Fontenay. The 2023 program, which has already hosted a test day in September, is the sixth edition of the ever-popular program.

Just like with the previous years, the DRP will provide drivers with an opportunity to test the EuroNASCAR cars along with the possibility of receiving a financial “scholarship” boost to help them land a seat in the series for the following season.

The drivers that are selected to receive 2023 DRP’s scholarship will receive a financial boost from 5,000€ to 25,000€ to help them secure a seat in the 2023 EuroNASCAR season. The DRP test itself offers three different packages that drivers can choose for their participation:

  • Discovery package: The basic package that includes 2 on-track test sessions.
  • Advanced package: The intermediate package, which includes 6 on-track test sessions.
  • Pro package: The full package in which a driver gets 1 dedicated car for a full day of testing.

More info for the Drivers Recruitment Program can be checked at

Disclaimer: Unless noted on the photo, all photos used in this article are courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric.


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