NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has revealed that Lasse Sørensen, DF1 Racing, and Jacques Villeneuve received retrospective post-race penalties for infractions they have committed in the Sunday EuroNASCAR PRO Race at Circuit Zolder.

As reported on their website yesterday, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series reveals that Lasse Sørensen, DF1 Racing, and Jacques Villeneuve have received retrospective post-race penalties from infractions that they committed in the Sunday EuroNASCAR PRO race of NASCAR GP Belgium last weekend.

Sørensen and the No. 66 DF1 Racing team were both penalized for working on repairs in the fast lane of Circuit Zolder’s pit lane (as shown in the picture above), while Villeneuve was penalized for causing an avoidable incident with Francesco Sini on the fifth lap of the race.

For Sørensen, he was given a 30-second time penalty that dropped the Race 1 winner from 9th to 12th position. The penalty moves Davide Dallara up to a career-best 9th place finish, while Justin Kunz receives his first Top 10 finish of the season after he is promoted up to 10th place.

Sørensen was also made ineligible to receive the 4 bonus championship points for the most positions gained. Thus, even though Sørensen is still the driver that gained the most positions during the race, the bonus championship points was retroactively awarded to Justin Kunz instead.

The 7-point loss that Sørensen got from those penalties meant that he now sits with 132 points in the championship standings, 10 points behind Alon Day and only a single point ahead of Gianmarco Ercoli, who had previously received a retrospective points penalty on his own for a jump start that went unseen by the stewards at Vallelunga.

As for the No. 66 DF1 Racing team, they have received a 15 points deduction in the Teams Championship. The penalty drops the team two places down to 9th place in the current standings, 8 points behind both the No. 33 Mishumotors team and the No. 54 CAAL Racing team.

For Villeneuve, he received a 3 championship points deduction penalty for the avoidable collision with Sini. In addition, JV also received 2 warning points to his Euro Series license and has been placed under probation for the next race of the season at Most.

The penalty didn’t affect JV’s position in the championship standings, as he had been carrying a 10 points buffer (which is reduced to 7 after the penalty was applied) to Thomas Ferrando and Luigi Ferrara in the current standings.

Disclaimer: Unless noted, all photos used in this article are courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard / Bart Dehaese.

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