Naveh Talor, the 17-year old Israeli from Herzliya who currently drives for Solaris Motorsport in the Elite 2 class, has enjoyed a considerably strong racing debut season in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series this year with two Top 10 finishes and a charge from last to 16th place in the second race at Brands Hatch.

While his rookie exploits have been massively overshadowed by the achievements scored by some of his fellow rookies such as Giorgio Maggi, Vittorio Ghirelli, Lasse Sorensen, and Advait Deodhar this season, Talor certainly has proved that he has the talent to compete against the best young talents in the Euro Series.

As he prepares himself for the start of the 2019 season Playoffs at Hockenheim, Solaris Motorsport yesterday released an article of Press Racing’s interview with Naveh Talor regarding his debut season in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series so far. Here’s the full transcript of the interview, as posted by Solaris Motorsport and Press Racing in their articles:

Hi Naveh! You debuted this season in the car racing choosing the NASCAR world, what’s your feeling after the Regular Season?

“My debut has been amazing and has exposed me to the crazy world that is car racing, professional racing! I feel very comfortable in the car and I am learning every time another little thing to be able to push more. I also got to meet and be part of a new family for me, the Solaris Motorsport, as-well as the championship which I enjoy very much!”

Why did you choose the Euro NASCAR for your car racing debut?

“I chose the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series for my debut in cars because I was sure it was the best option and I was right! I was given the opportunity to race and I catch it. I felt that I was wanted in the championship. NASCAR is all about close and tough racing and that’s what I like in racing! So it is a perfect match for me.”

Everything was new for you, what’s the most difficult part?

“Truly everything this season was totally new for me. The car, the gearbox, the speed and everything else provided me with a steep learning curve. I was able to adapt quickly although it was difficult for me to learn the race procedure and how to manage race pace and the tyres.”

What’s your best memories?

“The NASCAR GP of UK, definetely! My comeback and battle from the back of the grid. I had the chance to show my potential and I had a lot of fun in overtaking. But I have other good memories, for example when I reached the Top10, although it should’ve been more often. It is also very fun to be racing with friends that I have met this season.”

Where do you think you already reached a good level and where do you think you have to improve?

“I think I’m quite good in managing my race and thinking of everything properly. On the other side, I think I have to improve my flying lap in qualifying, in order to be able to fight at the front every time and not waste most of my race time to get to the front.”

The Euro NASCAR Playoffs are coming, what’s the goal?

“I expect to be in the Top10 in every session and I am trying to push for the Top5 and Rookie podiums as much time as I can. The playoffs are on two very famous tracks that I’ve know for a while, so racing there will be an amazing feeling!”

About the future, what’s your racing dream?

“Well it’s easy! To be able to race anywhere at a high level and be able to make it a successful career. I want to make of racing my job!”

Thanks Naveh, have a nice summer and good luck for the Playoffs!

“Thanks, I just want to say another, important thing. I want to say thank you to all my fans! I really appreciate their support and the excitement that you all give me! You have to know that it pushes me a lot to do better. All of the kids make my day when I meet them.”

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will return to action on 21-22 September for the first race week of the Playoffs, the American Fan Fest Semi Finals at the National layout of the famed Hockenheimring circuit. For Solaris Motorsport, Hockenheim is a special place for them as it was here that the team’s Elite 1 driver Francesco Sini was crowned as the 2014 EuroV8 Series Champion – the final champion of a racing series that traced its roots to the Italian Superstars Series – and Solaris will be hoping that they can improve on the 13th and 10th place finish that Sini scored at Hockenheim last year.

Unless noted, all photos used in this article are courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard.

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