Credits: EuroLegend Cup

GP2EMME Srl’s EuroLegend Cup, Europe’s first continental Legends Car racing championship, will be supporting NASCAR Whelen Euro Series on five of the six rounds scheduled for this year.

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is set to feature a new supporting series to support their race weekends this year in the form of EuroLegend Cup, the first Legends Car championship to be contested all across the old continent.

EuroLegend Cup is planning to support EuroNASCAR on five of the six championship rounds EuroNASCAR is scheduled to host this year: Valencia, Vallelunga, Most, Oschersleben, and Zolder.

Credits: EuroLegend Cup

“The EuroLegend Cup is a manifestation of racing that is affordable, ethical, and adrenaline-pumping while also putting a strong emphasis on fun and driver safety,” states EuroLegend Cup on their official website.

“The EuroLegend Cup will be a component of EuroNASCAR, providing the same thrilling entertainment that has enthralled thousands of Americans and others for years. It will introduce far more adrenaline and speed to the motorsport weekend while keeping the drivers completely safe owing to the vehicles’ sturdy build.”

EuroLegend Cup’s formation was announced on 28 February by their organizers GP2EMME srl. GP2EMME srl is the organizer of the successful Legends Car Italia championship, an Italian-based Legends Car championship founded that had been featured in the EuroNASCAR championship as a supporting event for the NASCAR GP Italy in the past two years.

Credits: Legends Racing UK

“In 2019, the first Legend Cars championship took place in Italy, organized by Castelleto Circuit Legend Cars,” said GP2EMME srl on their official release. “Many drivers competed on the circuit, transferring fun and involving an increasingly interested public who ask to race.”

“Even in France, England, Spain and Greece where the passion for these cars have grown, they have requested and expected the planning of an official and wide-ranging European event.”

“Given the insistence of the motorsport world and many enthusiasts, GP2EMME launches the EuroLegend Cup, flanking it to the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series circuit. This will allow many drivers to access real races in important circuits without excessively onerous costs.”

The creation of Europe’s first continental-based Legends Car marked an important milestone for the Legends car racing scene in the region, which has seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to their affordability.

Credits: Legends Car Finland / Kuva Tonigraphs / Toni Ollikainen

Various local Legends car championships, such as Legends Car Italia and Legends Car Finland, have served as the stepping stone for drivers such as Alberto Naska, Henri Tuomaala and Claudio Remigio Cappelli to hone their skills before they moved to EuroNASCAR. 

GP2EMME hopes that the EuroLegend Cup will continue to provide drivers with a route that will allow them to join EuroNASCAR and potentially race in the United States in the future.

Registration for entries is open on EuroLegend Cup’s official website Drivers must be aged 16 or above to be able to compete in this year’s championship.

Credits: Simone Borghi

The following is the price list that aspiring drivers needs to have to be able to compete the full season of the 2023 EuroLegend Cup:

  • Drivers registering for a single installment plan will pay a season entry fee of €11,000, to be paid before 20 March 2023.
  • Drivers registering for a multi installment plan will pay a season entry fee of €12,000, as per follows:
    • Base payment of €6,000, to be paid before 20 March 2023.
    • A second payment of €3,000, to be paid before 31 May 2023.
    • A final payment of €3,000, to be paid before 31 July 2023.
  • Drivers aged under 21 years old registering for a single installment plan will pay a season entry fee of €10,000, to be paid before 20 March 2023.

For wildcard entries, EuroLegend Cup provides drivers with the following option:

  • A single-event wildcard entry will cost drivers €3,000, consisting of an entry fee of €2,500 and €500 for a fresh tire set.
  • A three-event wildcard entry will cost drivers €7,500. Tire set fee is included in this plan.

Do note that wildcard entries are not allowed to enter the final round at Circuit Zolder.

Credits: Legends Car Italia

For aspiring team owners, the following option is provided by EuroLegend Cup to own your own Legends car:

  • Buying a brand new Legends car that is fully assembled and “ready to race” will cost the owner €27,000.
  • Buying a Legends car kit will cost the owner €22,000. This option does not include the steering wheel, quick shifter, racing seat, seatbelts, dashboard, and tires.

For those who simply want to rent a Legends car to race in 2023, the following option is available:

  • Renting a Legends car for all races in 2023 will cost the owner €25,000. This option does cover costs for a season entry fee.
  • Renting a Legends car for a single car in 2023 will cost the owner €3,000. This option does not cover the cost for a single race entry fee.

Note that Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added to all of the prices listed above.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

For the drivers who competed in the inaugural EuroLegend Cup season, the following prize will be awarded to the top drivers of this year:

  • The championship winner will be given the opportunity to register to the EuroNASCAR championship for free.
  • The runner-up and third place finishing drivers in the standings will receive an opportunity to test the EuroNASCAR stock cars for a single day.

More details for the Entry form, Price List and the Regulations can be checked on the link here.

Disclaimer: Credits for all photos are listed underneath each image.


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