A message from our owner Reza Maulana regarding World of EuroNASCAR’s relaunch, its commitment to provide EuroNASCAR coverage for the future, the opening of our official Patreon page to help support us, and more.

Hello to all of our readers, 

I’m sure by now you have noticed that World of EuroNASCAR haven’t posted an article to our website since October 2021. Truth to be told, I have been taking up work on digital illustration in addition to the work I did for World of EuroNASCAR and as the years went by, the amount of digital illustration projects that I do has started to increase and it got to the point where it started to overwhelm me, something that would ultimately force me to quietly place World of EuroNASCAR in a hiatus.

Despite this, World of EuroNASCAR continues to be active in social media and this hiatus period gave me time to have some thoughts on doing a rework for the website to improve our content and take World of EuroNASCAR to the next step forward when I am ready to work on the project again.

Of course, this rework project isn’t going to be easy. Not only that I would need to give a considerable amount of my time to work on the reworked contents, I would also need to invest some money in to be able to get some of the necessary features I needed for the rework to work as planned.

In the end, I figured that this money investment is going to be worth it and despite some issues in finding time to work on the rework and the fact that not all of the planned changes was able to be introduced just yet, I’m glad to say that significant changes have been made that would allow me to relaunch the website today on 5 May 2022, thus opening a new chapter for World of EuroNASCAR.

The relaunch project will introduce many new things to World of EuroNASCAR. Listed below are the following changes that we have made to the website at the current moment in time, with more scheduled to come in the future:

  • A brand new logo, featuring new colors and a twelve-spoke design based on the European Union flag.
  • CSS integration for better browsing capabilities.
  • An updated header, sidebar, and footer design.
  • A complete overhaul of the Drivers page, featuring all drivers that have raced in EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2 with plans to create an individual driver page for every single driver in the long term.
  • Updated the Euro Series section with a new hyperlink format and updated information.
  • An updated Terms and Conditions and the addition of a Privacy Policy in our About Us section. 

The situation with the rework does mean that I would need your help to maintain the website’s existence. We are opening a Patreon account that you can access on the link here (or on the sidebar) where you can support us financially to help us cover the basic expenses of hosting World of EuroNASCAR and set up the financial investments needed to improve World of EuroNASCAR in the future!

You can also support us by making a donation via PayPal to the link listed here, although it must be noted that due to the limitations with both PayPal and myself I am forced to use the PayPal account linked to my digital illustration work for the time being. Hopefully in the future I would be able to create a PayPal account that is dedicated specifically for World of EuroNASCAR.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported us on our journey before the forced hiatus. World of EuroNASCAR wouldn’t be in the position we’re at now without your support and with the revival of the website I am committed to work on the World of EuroNASCAR project for years to come as I aim to build more partnership with the people that worked for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series to ensure I can provide EuroNASCAR coverage at a higher quality level. 

Regardless of what happened, I’m glad that I can work on this project once more because I love providing coverage for NASCAR Whelen Euro Series to give the series the much-needed love that it deserves.

Thank you and best regards,

Reza Maulana
World of EuroNASCAR

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