Hello and welcome to World of EuroNASCAR! I am Wijakangka Reza Maulana, a lifelong fan of motorsport from Indonesia and the founder of World of EuroNASCAR, and I am going to give you a quick rundown on what you can expect from us.

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series first attracted my attention when I saw the news of Mathias Lauda’s victory in the wet at Tours in 2014. Up until then, I didn’t know that NASCAR had an official European-based series and thus I became excited at the prospect of an international-level NASCAR series.

It wasn’t long until I discovered the series’ YouTube channel, and I immediately got hooked after seeing the race highlight videos that the series posted. From then on, I continued to follow and watched the series grow from year-to-year, eventually culminating in last year when the series exploded in popularity with record-breaking entries and the introduction of an official live stream that made me able to stay up-to-date to the series.

Last year is also when I realized that most of the latest updates that I can find for the series are coming from German-based medias, such as ThreeWide.de and leadlap.de, while most of the English-language media coverage that I can find for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series are coming from the series’ official website itself. In my opinion, this shows a considerable lack of coverage for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series from the English-language media, and I decided that I wanted to make a change on it.

Starting from the end of last year, I’ve began to made the blueprints for the World of EuroNASCAR website. I’ve made a decision to choose WordPress.com as the website/blog hosting choice for World of EuroNASCAR by taking an inspiration from R.J. O’Connell’s Super GT World. R.J. O’Connell played a major role in inspiring me to create this website, as the contents that he provided with Super GT World – and his subsequent involvement with DailySportscar – has helped the Super GT series to grow in popularity in recent years.

With World of EuroNASCAR, I hope that I can help the series grow further and earned the attention that the series deserves, much like how R.J. O’Connell has helped the Super GT series with the coverage that he provided with Super GT World being one of the factors that allowed the series to enjoy a massive growth in popularity in recent years.

Finally, I am hoping that you’re going to enjoy your stay in our website! Remember to stay civil and thank you for all your support!

Credits: Original photo source for the photo used in this article is coming from the official Facebook page of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. I’ve edited the photo to include the World of EuroNASCAR logo.

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