Credits: F1 Academy on Twitter & NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

Reports from Feeder Series suggest that F1 Academy, FIA’s new developmental series for young female drivers, will visit Circuit Ricardo Tormo to support EuroNASCAR’s Valencia NASCAR Fest later this year.

F1 Academy, FIA’s newly launched racing series that is aimed to develop and hone the talents of young female drivers for the higher levels of competition, is possibly heading to the Valencia NASCAR Fest as a supporting event of EuroNASCAR’s season opening round this year.

Charlie Widdicombe, a racing journalist from the independent website Feeder Series, reported on 14 February that according to F1 Academy’s provisional calendar, the inaugural season of F1 Academy is heading to Circuit Ricardo Tormo on the weekend of 6-7 May for their second round of the season.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

“The calendar suggests that F1 Academy will get underway in April at the Red Bull Ring, before two races in Spain: Valencia alongside the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, and Barcelona alongside FRECA and 2023 Copa Racer,” reports Widdicombe on Feeder Series.

Should it be confirmed that F1 Academy is heading to Valencia to support EuroNASCAR this year, it will provide EuroNASCAR with a highly important event to accompany the roaring thunder and stars of Europe’s biggest stock car division.

Credits: F1 Academy on Twitter

F1 Academy was officially launched on 18 November 2022 as FIA’s newest program to support the expansion of diversity and inclusion of female drivers. According to FIA themselves, F1 Academy aims to “maximize the opportunity and potential of young female drivers to reach the highest level in motorsport and to provide young talent currently in go-karting or other junior categories with access to the fundamental level of experience needed before going racing in F3 and joining the pyramid to Formula 1.”

F1 Academy drivers race in a spec series that uses the Formula 4-specification Tautus F4-T421 as their vehicle of choice, with F1 providing a subsidy of €150,000 for each car. A 15-car grid made by five teams of three cars each will make up the grid for their inaugural season.

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