Max Lanza gives his thoughts on his successful test at Umbria, how sim racing has helped him to improve, the 2020 season’s revised schedule, and whether “Driver Lifestyle: American Dream” will continue to air in 2020.

Two weeks after FEED Vict Racing did their test at Vallelunga to become the first Euro Series team to resume on-track activities following the pandemic lockdowns, on 27 June CAAL Racing returned for their post-lockdown tests at Umbria as Max Lanza returned to the track to restart his preparation for the upcoming 2020 season.

Lanza, who was joined by teammate Arianna Casoli on the test at Umbria, certainly felt very excited to finally be able to drive the No. 88 Wakala/CEPI T.A.A.S. Chevrolet again after months of no on-track activity.

 “The feeling I got on board my 88 Chevy SS after three months was amazing!” said Lanza on his test at Umbria. ‘I immediately went very fast, despite the exceptional heat that was on the track and the conditions of the asphalt not exactly at the top, I managed from the first round to get back on the same lap times as in the winter tests and this is very positive.”

Lanza also said that the virtual races have helped him to make an improvement on the results that he achieved in the test at Umbria.

“Thanks to the experience made with the simulator in virtual races, I quickly learned to use the brake lever with my left foot and  thanks to the help of telemetry and to my track engineer, that brought me great improvements,” said the Italian on the improvements that he felt from his sim racing adventures.

With the 2020 season schedule being affected heavily by the pandemic, Lanza felt that NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and Team FJ have done everything that they can do to keep the schedule as close to what was planned before.

“Regarding the new schedule, I think the organization has done everything possible to confirm all the scheduled stages, but for obvious reasons we have unfortunately lost the only oval race in Venray and most likely the English races of Brands Hatch will also be canceled,” said Lanza on his thoughts on the revised 2020 schedule.

“For this I am very sorry because BH is one of my favorite racetracks, but I realize that they just couldn’t help it. I am convinced however that the show will not fail.”

Despite this, Lanza is feeling positive that by the time the season starts at Vallelunga this September, the worst of the pandemic will be over and spectators will be able to come to the track to spectate NWES’ first ever race at Vallelunga.

“Regarding the atmosphere of the race week in September, as you know I have always been very positive about this pandemic that has affected us. I am convinced that by the time the 2020 season begins the worst will be over and the spectators will be able to come on the track, even if with the appropriate precautions provided,” said Lanza on his thoughts regarding the difference in the race week atmosphere this year.

Lanza also confirms that his “Driver Lifestyle: American Dream” web series will continue to go ahead in 2020.

“Regarding my TV show, I would like to communicate that the project will go ahead, obviously respecting all the COVID guidelines in place. Me and my team are working hard on this project and we are sure It will be a great success.”

Disclaimer: Unless noted, all photos used in this article are courtesy of Max Lanza Driver.

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