During the summer break of the 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season, Pierluigi Veronesi – the Elite 2 driver of the No. 27 CAAL Racing team – announced that he’s launching his own merchandise line, SBOMBER. SBOMBER presents itself with the motto “SBOMBER Life, All Day, Every Day” and according to its official website sbomber.com, SBOMBER was created with the goal of creating and growing a relationship with the motorsport and sports community.

However, the most important thing about SBOMBER is that this merchandise line is created for a good cause. All earnings that Veronesi earned from SBOMBER will be donated to the Bolognese non-profit charity organization BimboTu. BimboTu supports children and families that are currently battling cancer and/or central nervous system diseases, and Veronesi has opted to donate his SBOMBER earnings because “they inspire us to give our best”.

To become part of the SBOMBER family, fans can upload a photo using the hashtag “#sbomberfamily” on Instagram to share their “SBOMBER” experiences. Currently SBOMBER features 4 products in their product line: A keychain, a hat, a male T-shirt, and a female T-shirt and these products are available to be ordered and shipped across Europe.

For more details on the SBOMBER project, you can check it out at https://www.sbomber.com/ (English language option is available). Also, you can check out https://bimbotu.it/ to find out more about BimboTu.

To help spread the word of the SBOMBER project, we have reached Pierluigi Veronesi to ask several questions about the SBOMBER project, such as the inspirations behind the SBOMBER theme and the fan reception of SBOMBER in the Playoff rounds. We’re pleased to announce that Veronesi has kindly responded to our questions and we’re wishing him the best for the success of his SBOMBER project in the future.

What’s the idea behind the main “theme” of SBOMBER?

“The SBOMBER is a very helpful and generous person and is a person who reacts with a smile to the everyday problems. This is the basic concept of the SBOMBER, all my personal experiences have led me to become one, and I believe that everyone can become a SBOMBER.”

When did you start realizing the idea of SBOMBER?

“The SBOMBER was born in the summer between the Venray race and the Hockenheim semi-finals, in the two months of rest.”

What does the term “SBOMBER” mean and why did you eventually decide to choose “SBOMBER” as the name of this project?

“The term comes from the word “Bomber”, a word that in Italy we use to indicate the top goal-scorer in football, therefore a high-profile figure. In this case, the “Sbomber” represents a leading figure in a team. I added the S because it is typical sound of the Bolognese accent, the city where I was born and raised, and it also gives a touch of friendliness to the word.”

Right now, SBOMBER have T-shirts, hats, and keychains as the available products. Do you have any plans on adding new products to the SBOMBER line in the future?

“As you mentioned, we currently have T-shirts, hats and key rings, and, as many people requested it, we are going to release also a kids line.”

On what countries can we get SBOMBER products currently?

“Right now, the products can be shipped to every country in Europe.”

Would you consider opening a worldwide shipping option for SBOMBER in the future?

“Since I’m a European NASCAR pilot, I think the best thing to do to promote the brand is to focus on selling and shipping just in Europe. As for now, I don’t want it to become a global thing.”

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

You have been promoting SBOMBER in the Playoff rounds at Hockenheim and Zolder. How did your CAAL Racing teammates and the fans react to the SBOMBER project?

“The project has had a major positive impact on the entire team, they no longer call me Pier but simply SBOMBER.”

In relation to the question above, does your fellow Euro Series competitors have taken notice of the SBOMBER project as well?

“Yes, of course it’s not just my team, all the other NASCAR competitors call me SBOMBER as well. I would love to give to Jacques Villeneuve the SBOMBER hat for him to wear and to explain him that the SBOMBER project aims to help children with cancer through the non-profit organization “BimboTu” based in Bologna.”

Do you think you will put SBOMBER as a sponsor in your NASCAR Whelen Euro Series car, similar to what 7-time (Monster Energy NASCAR) Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson have done with his charity Jimmie Johnson Foundation?

“Yes, absolutely. I will use the SBOMBER logo on the car, I think they match perfectly since they both have yellow as main color. I’m lucky the team’s colors are the same colors as the SBOMBER!”

Disclaimer: Unless noted, all photos used in this article are courtesy of SBOMBER and Pierluigi Veronesi.

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