NASCAR Whelen Euro Series features two primary class divisions: EuroNASCAR PRO and EuroNASCAR 2. The EuroNASCAR PRO class are generally reserved for the experienced and “Pro” drivers, while the EuroNASCAR 2 class are intended for the young and “Am” drivers. Each class also have their own sub-championships (or Trophies), with points scored in both classes are added together for the Teams Championship.

When a driver first entered the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, a special council will determine what rating category the driver will be put into based on their resume and racing experience. There are three rating categories that a driver may get put into – Gold, Silver, or Bronze. It is these categories that will determine what division a driver can compete in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

The EuroNASCAR PRO (ENPRO) class is the main championship for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. The class is open to all drivers regardless of their rating category. Two sub-championships are eligible for the EuroNASCAR PRO drivers provided you are eligible for the Trophy’s requirements:

  • Junior Trophy – Open for all drivers aged 25 and under at the start of the year
  • Challenger Trophy – Open for all Bronze-graded drivers

The EuroNASCAR 2 (EN2) championship is restricted for those who are graded as a Silver or a Bronze driver. By no means this class is restricted to “Amateur” drivers, as young drivers who aspired to build their NASCAR career via the Euro Series are welcomed to start their stock car racing career here. There are also three sub-championships that are eligible for the EuroNASCAR 2 drivers provided they are eligible for the Trophy’s requirements:

  • Legend Trophy – Open for all drivers aged 40 and over at the start of the year
  • Rookie Trophy – Open for all drivers who are making their debut in Euro Series via the EN2 class, irrespective of age or previous racing experience
  • Lady Trophy – Open for all female drivers

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series also features a Teams Championship to facilitate the series’ unique “one car, two drivers” format. Points scored by a car in both the EuroNASCAR and EuroNASCAR 2 divisions will be collected together for points scored in the Teams Championship. The entry that scored the most collective points at the end of the season will be crowned as the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Teams Champion.

In addition to the EuroNASCAR PRO-EuroNASCAR 2 divisions and the Teams Championship, there’s also another class that NASCAR Whelen Euro Series currently recognizes: The EuroNASCAR Club Challenge class.

The EuroNASCAR Club Challenge class is specifically designed for drivers who are wanting to discover more about the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and for gentleman drivers who wanted to have fun in a friendly atmosphere without the pressure of having to race together with rivals on-track.

Unlike ENPRO and EN2, Club Challenge uses a regularity time trial format to determine its results. Club Challenge drivers are given two or three 30-minute sessions on Thursday with a goal to match the target time set by the drivers themselves. The driver with the least penalty points at the end of the sessions will be declared as the winner.

EuroNASCAR Club Challenge sessions are open for co-drive rides, meaning that one car can be shared by two drivers at the same weekend. In addition, drivers from the two main classes of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series may use the Club Challenge class as a method to get more practice time. Drivers who entered Club Challenge in such way would be recognized as entrants in the Entry List, but they are ineligible for classification in the final results.

For 2022, EuroNASCAR Club Challenge will support the main NASCAR Whelen Euro Series championship in five rounds: Valencia, Vallelunga, Most, Zolder, and Rijeka.

Information are provided from the official 2021 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Digital Presentation and MOOG EU’s NASCAR® EXPLAINED.

Disclaimer: Unless noted on the photo, all photos are courtesy of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Bart Dehaese / Klemen Sofric.

Last Updated: 13 November 2022

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