NASCAR Whelen Euro Series’ EuroNASCAR 2 division is the official second-tier series of Europe’s highest-level stock car racing championship and just like their senior compatriots, EuroNASCAR 2 also boasts a diverse cast of drivers with a total of 32 drivers from 16 different countries competing in the 2021 season.

While EuroNASCAR 2’s driver pool is restricted to those that are rated Silver and/or Bronze, EuroNASCAR 2 historically is known for having plenty of talented young drivers competing for a shot at earning a EuroNASCAR PRO seat and the current crop of field is certainly no different, with drivers such as Tobias Dauenhauer, Naveh Talor, Francesco Garisto, Vladimiros Tziortzis, and Simon Pilate are all vying to compete for the title against seasoned veterans such as Martin Doubek, Pierluigi Veronesi, Advait Deodhar, Justin Kunz, and Arianna Casoli.

To be considered as a EuroNASCAR 2 driver, a driver must take part in any EuroNASCAR 2 session of a NASCAR Whelen Euro Series race weekend starting from the 2012 season. This section will only list drivers that took part in the NASCAR-sanctioned years, as such drivers who competed on the 2009-2011 Racecar Euro Series seasons that didn’t take part in any NASCAR Whelen Euro Series race from 2012 onwards will be excluded from this section and are listed in a separate page instead.

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Last Updated: 11 September 2022